Wood Splitter Machine

Introduction The log splitter is designed to cut the big stump, big branches, large logs and hard wood to small size, whcih can be fit for in feeding to the wood chippers or for other use. Log splitter is important forestry machinery. Log splitter  is a machine used for the preparation of firewood and fireplace in large quantities. TECHNICAL PARAMETER : Max. cutting diameter : 600mm(1/2parts,1/4parts) Splitting length adjustment:250-620mm Pump motor power:15kw Splitting cycle duration with actuator return:120mm/s Pressure force:20 tons Splitting knife:1/4parts,1/2parts Dimensions: 2910*1100*950mm Own weight (set) 1100 kg Degree of automation:semi-automatic or full automatic Feeding way: Hydraulic arm feeding Hydraulic setting Pump :With air cooling device,532 gear pump


 Advantages: 1: The structure of the whole machine is welded with high-strength wear-resistant steel, which is stronger and more durable than ordinary steel welded by other manufacturers. 2: Smart design ,simple  structure,large cylinder,high strength. 3: The hydraulic system is reasonably matched, smart and simple, selected different hydraulic equipment according to different woods. 4: Use reliable motors, oil pumps, and valve for long life and high efficiency 5: Unique V-shaped platform design to prevent wood from rolling. 6: The cutter can be replaced, which effectively avoids the disadvantages that other large horizontal wood splitter cutters can damage the equipment and then cannot be used. 7: Optional hydraulic feeding system to improve efficiency.



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