Wood chipper 8-12 T/H Factory shredder large forest professional crusher FD218


Drum Wood Chippers are equipments to manufacture high-quality wood chips .The raw material are logs,bamboo,tree branches,tree barker,sawmill leavings,waste veneer sheet and the non-wood material such as sugarcane,reed and crops.

It is widely used biomass power station,biomass pellet plant,fuel boilers, paper mill,fiber board plant ,organic fertilizer plant and so on.This kind of machinery can be customized according to the customer’s requirements(the main power,capacity,number of knives,roller diameter, finished wood chip size and so on).

Technical Parameter Of Host System

Model FD218
Feeding Inlet Dimension 700*300mm
Blade Roller Diameter 800mm
Blade Roller Speed 556-888RPM
Capacity 8-12T/Hour
 Blade Quantity 2/3/4/5 pieces(As customers’ request)
Blade size 780*220*20mm
Blade material H 13 material
Max Processing Wood Diameter 300mm
 Electric Power 110KW
Wood Chipper Size 20-50mm(as customers’ requirement)










Technical Parameter Of Feeding System

Model FD218
Slot Chain Plate Feeding Conveyor 1 Set
Feeding Motor Power 4KW+3KW motor with reducer
Feeding Belt Width 700mm
Feeding Belt Length 6000mm
Feeding Speed 28-32M/Min






Technical Parameter Of Discharging System

Model FD218
Outlet Conveyor Belt 1Set
Outlet Motor 5.5KW
Conveyor Material 14-16# Channel/ Square Tube
Conveyor Length*Width 10M*1M
Conveyor Material Nylon 4 Layer belt
Outlet Height 3800-4500MM







Intelligent Electronic Control System

Model FD218
Large Control Cabinet Ground
Host Start Model Star delta start
Electrical Control Control Cabinet + 2 sets Remote Control
Pump Station motor 3kw

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