Waste Furniture Crushing Machine

Feed-in system parameter

Working system

Type grooved chain plate transmit Rotor diameter 800mm
model FD1400-500 capacity 12-15 ton/hour
Feed-in power 7.5kw+5.5kw Feed-in size 1400*500mm
Chain plate width 1400mm Main power 160-200kw
Transmit length 5000mm Chip length 30-50mm
Transmit speed 25-37m/min Blade 2*2Sets/2*3Sets


Application :

FD1400 Comprehensive Crusher is a specialized machine applied for construction boards,waste wood material,tree bark,branches,sawmill wastes and agro-wastes.

It contains feed-in system,working system,discharge sysytem and advanced electronic control cabinet.It is featured by reasonable structure, easy operation, high capacity, wide usage, qualified output, safe and reliable, easy transporting and convenient maintenance.

It is an ideal equipment and best choice of the biomass power station and boilers users.


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